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The refractory consultancy dietz.refractory was established in 2015.
We offer engineering services that require comprehensive expert knowledge in refractory engineering, extensive experience in international plant engineering as well as passion and a clear view of project management.

We will gladly be at your disposal as refractory expert in all phases of your refractory project from the first consultation, during the complete project period until the realization in the plant.

During capacity bottlenecks, we provide quick support and enhanced flexibility for your company by handling defined work packages or project related orders.

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Many years of experience in refractory engineering and international plant construction are available for engineering, project management, quality assurance and inspections.

As an independent expert, a further core competence can be provided in the preparation of independent expert reports for the root cause analysis of refractory damages or for an independent evaluation of controversial issues.

The satisfaction of customers is very important to us; therefore we consider our services as a cooperative teamwork.