Assistance for your refractory project

We support the management of your refractory project from the first consultation and the design until the final realization in the plant. During basic engineering, we develop a concept for the wall layers, based on calculations of heat transfer and energy losses. We give support in selection of suppliers, and supervise time schedule and quality during the engineering phase as well as during material supply. An accompanying quality monitoring during refractory installation assures the compliance of the execution with the requirements of engineering.

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Inspections and expert reports

As an independent expert, we analyze the condition of your refractory lining during a maintenance shutdown and document the status in an inspection report. In case of a refractory damage we inspect your plant and analyze possible root causes. We describe the results in a well-founded expert report and discuss it with you.

Support for capacity bottlenecks

During capacity bottlenecks, you have a need for additional support for your high skilled refractory specialists in your technical offices, but you don't want to increase your permanent staff costs?

Then get support for engineering services, that require comprehensive expert knowledge in refractory engineering, extensive experience in international plant engineering as well as passion and a clear view of project management.

By project related orders for defined work packages there is no need for you to employ permanently a high number of qualified specialists for all special tasks even in times of low workload. During capacity bottlenecks, you can assure your reliable quality level with that external support. This will enhance the flexibility of your company, and reduce the permanent personnel cost at the same time.

The offered engineering services can be described with the keywords "engineering", "project management", quality assurance" and "inspections". Some possible activities are listed below. Of course, they can be modified corresponding to your requirements.

Scope of services


  • Design concept for refractory lining
  • Definition of wall layers and materials
  • Preparation of technical specifications
  • Technical calculations
  • Check of drawings and documents


Project Management

  • Project handling
  • Contract review
  • Bid comparison
  • Support for supplier selection
  • Support for contractual negotiations
  • Progress control and supervision of suppliers


Quality Assurance

  • Supervision of refractory engineering of suppliers
  • Refractory material inspection at manufacturer's workshop
  • Quality assurance on construction site
  • Quality audits for supplier selection



  • Plant inspection all over the world
  • Root cause analysis of refractory damages
  • Expert report